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The interpreter often has a medical certification, such as nursing, which enables the interpreter to fully understand the information they are being asked to interpret.The annual salary is approximately ,960, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The educational and certification requirements vary by state as do the salaries an interpreter can expect to earn.

Generally, states with large populations of non-English speaking citizens usually have large numbers of interpreters available.

Translator Pub also provides jobs worldwide and offers opportunities from introductions for agencies as well.

Basic membership is free but some features are only available once you join the website for a fee.

The salary range for this position can be as high as $345-$575 per day.

Some people working in the field prefer to offer their services on a freelance basis, as opposed to working for an employer. To find a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter position: Many professional interpreters have degrees in the field in which they have chosen to work (such as nursing or law) with specialty courses or certification in translation.The employer might require a degree in the specialty being discussed in the publication and several years of experience in the field.These translators might be working on a full-time basis or could be hired on a project basis.A person working in this capacity for a local government can expect to earn about ,500 per annum according to the U. Interpreters who are involved in the top levels of international business, entertainment, health and diplomacy often attend the Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.To find translation and interpretation career opportunities, consider checking out these specialty job boards: Pro Zi offers opportunities for translators and interpreter to network, meet potential clients, and look for opportunities.Other translators work in corporate environments, providing translation of business information and publications.

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