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In this tent Mass was celebrated by the military chaplains ( capellani ).

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In dealing with the subject a large number of different kinds of chapels are to be considered, which vary according to their connexion with, or dependence upon, other buildings, or to the specific uses to which they were put.

Thus we have chapels which structurally form part of a larger church, those which are included within other buildings not churches, and those which are entirely separate and detached.

Ordination, since the close of the age of persecutions, has never been given without a "title" or definite sphere of work and corresponding maintenance having been first secured to the ordained.

In the Council of Chalcedon were read Acts of the Constantinopolitan Council under Flavian, mentioning priests attached to martyria or suburban churches at Constantinople, and the sixth canon forbade the ordination of any save to some title, these martyria being in the list of those recognized.

The Council of Agde (506) conceded to the nobles that the Mysteries might be celebrated in their oratories, except on the principal feasts, on which days they and their households must attend the parish church (cf.

below, the present legislation); otherwise the offerings of the faithful on those days would have been made in the chapel, to the detriment of the mother-church and parochial clergy.Under the existing church of St-Gervais at Rouen is a third or early fourth-century chamber which is now a crypt.Under the high altar of Chartres cathedral is the chapel of St-Lubin, bounded on the west by a piece of the Gallo-Roman wall of the fortress of the Carnutenses, and here, it is believed, the first Christians of Chartres, who were allowed to erect a chapel against the wall itself, worshiped.The canopy over an altar was also at one time called a capella . In Spain the sanctuary containing the high altar is to this day called the capilla mayor .In ecclesiastical documents the main sanctuary of a church is often termed the capella major , to distinguish it from the side-altars (cf. The thing is, however, much more ancient than the name, and Thomassin quotes numerous early references to oratoria , sacella , and eukteria .Instances are extant of the original meeting-places of Christians being preserved under the level of the subsequent church, the soil having risen in the course of ages.

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