Chelsea handler dating black men

There was the time she had her “Chelsea Lately” sidekick Chuy — a little person whose role on the show was seen by some as exploitative — dress as Hitler.

For what it’s worth, Handler is Jewish, as she reminds you many times in “Chelsea Does …

It’s a shame for both Netflix and Handler because they have an opportunity to redefine the late night genre but instead are just going with the flow.

Handler monologues about not having a monologue, has a few segments that, I suppose, are meant to rival viral videos (she poorly attempts to act in a telenovela, she has a boozy dinner with a handful of actors from Captain America: Civil War, etc.), and then chats it up with guests ranging from Pitbull to the Secretary of Education John B. The more unexpected guests are where the show begins to show some signs of promise; in the first episode, in a rumination on education where she talks about being “stupid” and not having a college degree, she has King Jr. That said, another segment that could have been interesting featured TED Talks chief Chris Anderson but fell flat with a terrible fake TED talk by Handler.

“It’s what you would talk about with your friends when you’re not being filmed.

To me, that element is really integral to documentaries. They’re not necessarily right or wrong, but I have them, so I want to talk about them and say them out loud.” The documentary does have some effective moments, and most of them happen when Handler leaves Los Angeles.

With Sharpton, Handler dives right in: “I’m a comedian.

What am I allowed to say, what am I not allowed to say?

“I had no idea that they have these little sub-communities everywhere,” Handler says. riots with a shop owner in Koreatown, Handler pretends to steal merchandise and jokes that the owner should “just pretend you’re being looted again, but by white people.” When her conversation with Mandvi and Cho turns to Islamophobia, Handler says that “if Muslims are primarily the people that are blowing up planes, then I would like them to be searching Muslims before I get on a plane.” Handler stood by her comments in a recent interview with Refinery29.

“I feel like I actually have self-segregated.” There’s plenty to offend here. “It is an honest conversation,” Handler told the site.

But if the first three episodes of Chelsea are any indication, it seems like the kind of show she wanted to do is the same as every other late-night show, except with a little more second-hand embarrassment.

Chelsea hits all the basics of Handler’s comedy that we’re familiar with: she routinely jokes about drinking too much, taking drugs, and dating black men (the subject of her wildly popular books); she makes some awkward and too-predictable-to-even-be-that-offensive racist jokes; she embarrasses herself in ways that are seen as endearing by her fans and cringe-worthy by her detractors; and she spends a large portion of the interview-type segments engaging in mutual fawning with other pretty celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore). Netflix is known for plenty of creative, outside-the-box programming.

Chelsea isn’t aggressively terrible — though, as always with Handler, the racist jokes definitely need to go — and will find a general audience because if you’re a fan of Handler (or were a fan of her E! From Orange is the New Black that has been hailed for its groundbreaking diversity (race and sexuality) to Making a Murderer, a true crime series that had real life effects, Netflix has been home for programming that tends to shake up the norm.

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