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There are three buttons: two round ones for changing the volume and a longer pill-shaped one for playing and pausing, or accepting calls.

Having tested the on-ear Audeze Sine, we were curious to see how similar the sound quality was in the i Sine10.

Without the cable attached, the earphones weight less than 20g.

Despite the lightness, the size means that the earbuds won't sit unsupported in your ears easily.

They connect by Bluetooth and have an app that lets you manually control how much ambient noise you want to let in, or block out.

Read the full review: Bose Quiet Control 30 review: In-ear noise-cancelling doesn't get any better than this If you need good audio, but your budget isn't anywhere near high enough for the Bose or Audeze earphones, the Rockjaw Resonate is an impressive pair of affordable in-ear monitors.

As you'd expect from an in-ear headphone, the i Sine10 isn't as bassy as its on-ear sibling. Having toned down the higher frequencies and pumped up the low-end the balance was much more to our tastes.

What this means is that across the spectrum of frequencies, each piece of the music you're listening to retains its detail and clarity.They're surprisingly comfortable to wear and sound fantastic, especially if you have an i Phone and a library of lossless audio.Simply put: there's nothing quite like the i Sine10 anywhere else for the consumer market. For in-ears, the QC30's offer impressive active noise cancelling.There’s no doubt that the i Sine10’s design will turn heads, but you won’t care once you have them docked in your ears, and plugged in to your favourite music.They’re surprisingly comfortable to wear and sound fantastic.The in-ear rings didn't work at all, but that's likely down to the shape of our ears.

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