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The study's conclusion, recently published in the journal Child Development, is that teens are growing up more slowly than they used to and in terms of adult activities, today's 18-year olds look like 15-year-olds from days past, said lead author Jean M. According to data spanning 40 years starting in 1976, adolescents in 2010 were less likely to have a paying job, drive, date, drink, go out without their parents or have sex, compared to teens of previous decades.

Because that held true across demographic groups, Twenge said it suggests a cultural shift. Instead, it's more accurate to say that teens are taking longer to engage in both the responsibilities and the pleasures of adulthood." When the Deseret News sought examples of teens delaying driving and dating, it had to look no further than its own staffers' families.

SALT LAKE CITY — A new study says teens are slowing down when it comes to trying activities normally reserved for adults, from driving, dating and getting jobs to drinking alcohol and having sex.

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My Facebook feed has sported a range of reactions, from the been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt cynicism of “Oh, we’ve known about this stuff forever; it’s no big deal” to full-on stages of grief at the news that Joseph Smith really was married to teenage girls, and that he likely lied to Emma. And the first stage of grief is always denial, right? When in doubt, call those who disagree with you about history the Gadianton robbers.

Some of us reach the maturity of stage 5 a lot faster than others, it seems.

"I have never really been too excited about getting my license.

I probably won't get one until I'm older — maybe 18 or so," she said, adding she doesn't want to have to worry about all the responsibilities that go with having a driver's license, from car insurance to memorizing and obeying the rules of the road to keeping the oil changed.

4) Many plural marriages were contracted without the first wife’s consent.

“Emma likely did not know about all of Joseph’s sealings,” the statement tells us.

Israelsen describes himself as a mature young man who was more focused on what he needs to do to succeed.

Asked if kids are growing up too fast or two slow, he doesn't hesitate. I've always considered myself pretty mature and that leads me to think that kids my age are pretty immature." The researchers used data from seven surveys of 8.3 million teenagers, nationally representative on gender, race, socioeconomics and region of residence.

The BYU freshman is far more excited about studying physics than he is about either dating or driving.

But Israelsen, 18, said part of his decision was pragmatic.

“Those were rather open essays, acknowledging many of the uncomfortable details,” said a commenter.

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