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The road has been built in the middle of a housing development with an aim to try and reduce speed of the traffic to 20 mph.

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The sale lasted until February 7th, with deals valid for various travel dates at the end of 2016 and throughout 2017.

There were cheap flights available to many worldwide destinations.

With fantastic service and competitive prices, it is no surprise.

Choose from over 35 destinations - from dazzling cities to dream holiday destinations.

The retired footballer seemed to hold his phone up above his head to capture himself and another man on a similar bike as they sped down the road.

Both were wearing helmets, but David seemed to take his eyes off the road for a long enough time to check he was capturing the event, focusing on both him and his pal.

In another, the group were pulled up alongside one another, as if stopped waiting for a red light to change.

David is a fan of life on the open road - in the summer he spent time with a friend on a motorbiking camping excursion, again in the states, documenting a tranquil trip which featured dips in the lakes and sleeping under the stars.

' Earlier this week, David was seen in an altogether different mode of transport while driving around LA.

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