Boost failed updating 1 target

Anyone can tell me how to fix i Tunes fail to install error?

boost failed updating 1 target-22

C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start\Menu\Programs\i Tunes. After installing i Tunes 64-bit for Windows, you may get an error pop-up saying: i Tunes was not installed correctly. Error 7 (Windows error 127) To solve the error, you need to uninstall the previous version of i Tunes and again reinstall it.

To perform the uninstall process, you can go to part 1 for more detailed steps.

Even though you might have followed the instruction from How to install Hedge from Git and installed (Debian/Ubuntu package g -4.3), you might have forgotten to check if you installed the basic g package.

I downloaded the latest version and I did the following: I am using windows7 64 bit and GCC 5.1.

Here we recommend you to try the professional i Tunes caring tool - Free Tunes Care to get rid of all i Tunes installing and updating problems on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac with one click. i Tunes Update Failure: Installer has Insufficient Privileges i Tunes Error 7 after Installing i Tunes 64-bit for Windows?

1 Click to Fix i Tunes Fail to Install Error with Free Tunes Care The general troubleshooting advice when i Tunes fails to install properly (and reinstalling or repairing it does not work) is to remove not only i Tunes but all related components, reboot, remove the target installation folders and reinstall. Step 1: Go to Control Panel And where C:\ may need to replaced with the drive letter of your system drive if different.These instructions will help you install the Boost C libraries on a Unix-like system.If you already have them installed, make sure that it's the version required by the software you would like to use. The architecture setting comes from is the key to not getting "the architecture is invalid" error when running Py Cuda's tests.After going through all the methods, Tunes Care really can be the best choice to fix i Tunes install or update failure, isn't it?Any more questions on this program or this article are warmly welcomed!In other words using mingw-64/gcc-6.2 creates the error seen below but using VC 14 does not.

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