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Please find the subtitle from the link provided below. All contents shared belong to its respective owner and were used for non-commercial purpose.Nanami Takahashi, a 15 year old high school student, falls in love with and begins dating the most popular guy in school, Motoharu Yano.

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In this they have many problems and many stories come up from his past, that they keep breaking up and getting back together. This is kept secret from Nanami until later in the series.

Nana's little sister; Yuri blamed him for her sister's death. Yano's previous girlfriend died in a car accident, which was devastating.

His personality was greatly affected after Nana Yamamoto's death, making a result to the many sides of him.

After he went to Saparro, he had girlfriends who just looked like Nanami but only played around with them and never actually loved them.

He has light brown hair which is a bit longer than the average guys' length, and dark brown eyes.

He also has his signature smile plastered on his face.Nanami Takahashi falls in love with Motoharu Yano and must deals with his inability to let go of the past.[Via: Asianwiki] : During the 2nd year of high school in the winter season, Yano transferred from Kushiro to Tokyo due to a family matter. A couple of years later, Nanami is busy finding a job, while Yano’s friend Takeuchi supports her.There are also times when he shows her his weak side, a side that none of his friends have seen.He is also known to have only cried to Yuri Yamamoto after a specific the beginning, Yano and Nanami kept their relationship, even with the long distance between them, but Yano suddenly stops contacting Nanami.

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