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It could take a few minutes in order for these changes to sync with the appropriate table in the database and this can cause a delay in applying the correct data when the message is sent.

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Remember what a pain it was to change your email signature on Black Berry in the past? Now, instead of having to venture into your BIS settings to get this done, the feature is built in to the email settings on the device so you can change it up (or disable it) with just a few quick taps.

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A simple way to personalize email sent from your Black Berry® smartphone is to customize the signature that is attached to the end of email messages sent from your Black Berry.

If you are using a Black Berry 6-enabled smartphone: 1. Specify your new signature and click Save to save the change. Select one of the following steps based on your Black Berry Device Software version: a) If you are using Black Berry Device Software 4.2 to 5.0, select Email Settings b) If you are using a Black Berry 6-enabled smartphone, select Email Preferences 4.

How to customize your email signature for a Black Berry Enterprise Server-integrated email address To modify the email signature of an email address that is associated with a Black Berry Enterprise Server, complete the following steps: 1. If the Message Services field appears, specify the email account that is activated against a Black Berry Enterprise Server 5.

Before we begin, you might be wondering if you are using the Black Berry Internet Service, Black Berry Enterprise Server, or both on your Black Berry smartphone.

Here’s how you can determine what type of email integration you are using on your Black Berry smartphone (don’t forget it’s possible that you might be using both options, like me).

How to identify if you have a Black Berry Internet Service-integrated email address If you are using Black Berry Device Software 4.2 to 5.0: 1. Review the Activated Accounts field to determine if the Black Berry smartphone was activated on a Black Berry Enterprise Server.

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