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I can get diesel rated, and marine diesel rated synthetic rubber hose from our local store.But it is one that also caters to large trucks and diesel farm and logging equipment.

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Turns out the guy I was talking to at Napa didn't really know what he was talking about.

I went back in there, stating what RCW said about diesel rated fuel line and another guy showed me in the catalog where the SAE rating, J30, means it IS rated for diesel fuel, but not alcohol.

I'll be researching the necessary ratings fir fuel hose to make sure I get the correct thing.

Thanks, Chris While the only relation between what I'm gonna say and diesel trucks is the fuel used - here goes.

I don't like straight rubber or vinyl for the goosh factor either. Rod PS: I spent too much time cleaning cattle pens today... NAPA has a Cloth braided high press.rubber hose that will work. I have used it for years for diesel fuel lines with no probs.

If you can't find pm me and I'm sure I can get thier part #.

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