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Kim Trenchard - Program Coordinator Kim Trenchard rejoins the OHSUTP team with nearly 15 years of experience working and volunteering in program coordination, community-based support, and outreach capacities across Canada.Kim received training with the Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor Advocate Program at George Brown College in Toronto, ON, and North-South Studies at Dawson College in Montreal, QC.Francisco CC Sapp - Co-Director Francisco CC Sapp has worked in the HIV and Harm Reduction field for over 15 years.

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Since his diagnosis in 2006, he has advocated to reduce the the stigma and discrimination associated with this chronic yet very manageable disease.

Ben ascribes to the Ontario Accord (Greater / Meaningful Involvement / Engagement of People living with HIV/AIDS) or the GIPA / MEPA principal and for the past eight years, has worked and volunteered within multiple AIDS service and deaf service organisations.

Prior to his current role as Director for the Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program, he spent a two years as the Provincial Trainer.

Subsequently, he worked with the AIDS Committee of Toronto, as the Gay Men’s Harm Reduction Coordinator and was actively involved with the ‘Toronto Gay / Bisexual Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force’.

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A critical component to OHSUTP training is hearing from people with lived experience of HIV.

In the majority of our workshops, and in the development of our training materials, we involve people living with HIV.

Francisco quickly moved into the field of HIV, formerly running a peer education program around HIV prevention, substance use, and harm reduction.

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