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Focus was put upon innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up.The FSM4 was structured into three tracks: research, case studies, and industry and took place for three days.

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Su San A is the “digital home” for the FSM4 conference and all presentations, audio recordings, conference abstracts and speaker’s biographies are now available on the Su San A platform here: The FSM 4 Conference held in Chennai presented and discussed the state-of-art of approaches to FSM.

The high representation of the SFD approach could be observed in several posters, presentations and in the case study compilation, which contained experiences from Bangladesh, Mozambique, South Africa and Indonesia.

It was organised by the India Sanitation Coalition, Ecosan Services Foundation, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras) and the Su San A Secretariat.

More than 150 sanitation professionals, experts and enthusiasts from India and abroad joined the meeting and discussed opportunities and challenges of scaling-up sustainable sanitation, planning approaches for urban sanitation, the political drive in India and opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Int’l Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 8(1), 97–115.

Preservice mathematics and science teachers in an integrated teacher preparation program for grades 7-12: A 3-year study of attitudes and perceptions related to integration. A longitudinal look at attitudes and perceptions related to the integration of mathematics, science, and technology education.

Wehdat Almawdow Kamehwar Leltakamol fe Manahej Aloloum Belmarhala Aleddadia (Unity of subject as a basis for integration in middle school science curriculum). Journal of Psychological and Educational Research, 25(2), 260–291.

An integrated program of mathematics based on the inclusion of some economic concepts and its impact on the development of skills to solve familiar and unfamiliar verbal problems of life familiar and reducing math worries among primary fourth grade pupils.

back to top of page conference on developments in Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) took place in Chennai, India where the State Government recently initiated measures to address FSM with regard to policy, regulation and innovative solutions.

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