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“Our victim had absolute strength and courage,” Sanders said.

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Prosecutors were able to secure the plea deal, Sanders said, because of testimony from Doe.

He credited her for staying diligent and coming up with plans to escape — she had mouthed “help me” to a gas station clerk earlier in the ordeal — and giving “a strong statement” to police.

“Had (the police) been five minutes later to that call, we don’t know where he would have been with her.” The woman, who is referred to as Jane Doe in court records, told police she’d met Blake through a dating site and that he’d asked her out after several months of chatting.

When she asked him to drive her home during their date, he replied “(expletive), I’m kidnapping you.” For the next 36 hours, he drove her around the Bay Area, forcing her to have sex with strangers for money in Oakland, according to police.

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He was arrested last year, after a woman in her teens reported to police he had forced her to perform sex acts for money, by threatening to harm her and her family.

The woman escaped after a two-day ordeal, authorities say, because she was able to sneak into a Sizzler bathroom in West Contra Costa, and call her parents, who called police. “They were actually leaving Sizzler,” prosecutor Jordan Sanders said.

“And that isn’t always the case, unfortunately.” Blake had two years worth of credit for time served.

Because of a previous strike conviction for being the shooter in a drive-by in Solano County, he will have to serve 80 percent — nearly 21 years — of his remaining sentence, assuming he has no disciplinary issues.

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