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[tarifs publis applicables] Note: For items delivered to the door (addressees address), the person who answers the door is considered the authorized representative and may accept the item by virtue of having access to the addressees premises.

The cancellation mark may be done by machine, hand stamp, or indelible pencil if missed by initial processing.

A date, time and location is usually included in the cancelling die.

[client du service Correspondance-rponse daffaires Special design or inscription on an envelope to commemorate a postal or philatelic event relating to the stamp, an advertisement forming part of a postage meter impression, or a motto or slogan included in a postal cancellation.

[flamme]All Regulations as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act and certain other classes of instruments and documents required to be published.

[responsabilit de Postes Canada]A military post office operated by the Canadian Forces Postal Service to provide postal facilities for Canadian military units abroad, for Canadian naval ships on cruise and to personnel authorized to receive or send Canadian Forces Mail.

[bureau de poste des Forces canadiennes (BPFC)]An impression used to mark a postage stamp to prevent its reuse.

[code barres quatre types de traits]the initial weight step for pricing purposes, i.e., up to 50 grams for Machineable Standard (STD); up to 100 grams for Machineable Oversize (OS) and Delivery Facility Presort (DFP); and up to 200 grams for Special Handling (SH) [poids de base]The Publications Mail agreement number (PM number) required for proof of payment and processing, including for the return of undeliverable Publications Mail items.

[renseignements didentification de base]A person who enters a Business Reply Mail agreement and obtains the approval of Canada Post to distribute envelopes or cards that meet the requirements for Business Reply Mail service.

[rglements de la Socit canadienne des postes publis dans la Gazette]Canada Posts responsibility for mail ends with the mail has been delivered to the addressee or his representative, to a mail receptacle at the address of delivery or at a post office box where the mail is addressed to or in care of that box.

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