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Realizing now that he was over an enemy aerodrome, he dived towards the first group of German squadrons, both he and his observer firing on every machine upon which they could get their guns to bear.The enemy pilots appeared too bewildered by the outstanding audacity of the British airmen to attack them effectively at first, and their own tremendous numerical superiority seemed further to confuse them.Her father, known as Rowe, was born in 1896 and joined the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps in February 1915, sailing with the first war contingent for England in May and soon after being posted to the Lincolnshire Regiment.

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The wind, however, freshened considerably, and so far as covering the ground was concerned he had been making only half the speed shown on airspeed indicator.

As he circled over the aerodrome, preparing to land, a German Scout machine suddenly appeared from the clouds above him, and immediately to attack.

"Manufacturer: Sopwith Aviation Company Type: Fighter First Introduced: 1918 Number Built: 497 Engine: Bentley B.

R.2, 230 hp Wing Span: 31 ft 1 in Length: 19 ft 10 in Height: 9 ft 6 in Empty Weight: 1312 lb Gross Weight: 2020 lb Max Speed: 121 mph Ceiling: 19,500 ft Endurance: 3 hrs Crew: 1 Armament: 2 machine guns Earlier, he'd been awarded another medal, the Star Trio.

One German plane burst into flames in the air, two more went down spinning and side slipping completely out of control.

Four enemy scouts had by this time got into position to attack, clinging to the tail of the British machine. Shaking himself clear of the remainder, the British pilot opened his throttle and sped homewards leaving on that German aerodrome three blazing wrecks, and two other crashed machines as a highly satisfactory outcome of what might have proved a fatal mistake.

Welcome to this special file on how these islands got their first aircraft, the men behind the initiatives, others who are etched permanently in Bermuda history, how Bermuda established several enduring claims to fame - and more.1910. The first attempt to cross the Atlantic by air was a flight in an ungainly hydrogen-filled blimp which ended in near-disaster off Bermuda.

The airship America, long consigned to footnote status by aviation historians, was the ambition of the six adventurers and one feline involved in the attempt.

Wellman and his five man crew after take-off on October 16, 1910 from New Jersey.

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