It has a massive brain that allows it to directly manipulate those electrical signals as well as build them up, overcharge them, and force the excess electrical energy out as a mighty electrical burst, either with a very close distance of itself or at a distance in a single location.


It probably absorbs it from being near powerful electrical equipment, such as the dam and relays.

Otherwise it would probably take a long time for it to eventually gather up enough on it's own to generate even a single blast. It probabably flys by using the electricity stored it it's tentacles to generate an electro magnetic field reverse that of the planet.

recently ran an article on the WWE Films division and it was mostly a fluff piece talking about how amazing they are doing, and how they are going to branch out and try to do comedies based on the success of “We’ve always have the creative ability to do that. Our audience is a very active and vocal focus group. If they don’t like what they’re being presented, they don’t come. They realize their writing is so repetitive and mildly-retarded, that the only people who would be willing to actually pay for it are dumb little kids or young girls (and I’m sure a good chunk of older guys) who think Jeff Hardy is so dreamy.

It’s clear that I don’t know what I want, Vince knows what I want.

Since she drains prey of organic matter after liquifying it; I would assume the teeth and fangs are used as both a method of attacking smaller prey as well as atimidating potential threats or sexual rivals.

The spines on her back could be used to detect changes in the air, ranging from scent, to wind direction, to vibration as well as acting as an attractant to a mate. They might also be used to help dissipate the in readable amount of heat her body must produce do to her rabid cellular multiplication and repair.There was a post somewhere on the forums that discussed this (profile video included), the information was changed at some point.It's late where I am and I really don't feel like digging it up (no clue where to start either, honestly). The two large tentacles on the Kraken's back are filled with more electrical signals than any other part of it's body.Wraith does have eyes, they are just covered with a thin layer of skin. Like said eye, she can probably only see in shades of light in relies more on her sense of smell as well as her sensitive spines to detect prey and to interact with her environment.Which I would assume to be densely forested areas and jungles.If you look at nearly all of her abilities, you'll notice that she appears to be in pain for at least a split second before or during activation.

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