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Those Two Guys may acquire this label, as may the title characters of .

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There might be much drama over a potential "break-up".

When one gets a romantic partner, you can almost certainly expect the Friend Versus Lover quarrel to be epic.

Rating for potential violence, situations, and language. Ch 1: Hanzo wasn't quite sure who decided to break into his room on a weekly basis, but he planned to find out...

and who knows, maybe later he'd get to see Jesse Mc Cree in an apron after all.

General Leia Organa and the remainder of the Resistance are aboard the Millennium Falcon.

They are recovering from and grieving the losses of the Battle of Crait.

The El party must face their greatest enemies, not only monsters, but themselves and each other. In order to get a new celestial spirit key, Lucy takes on a job that forces her to face one of her greatest fears, but with the aid of her best friend, anything is possible, right?

Or will the "Circus of Fear" be more than even Natsu can handle?

Two extremely close friends or partners, of the same gender, who are as close or closer than a romantic couple.

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