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The role of reindeer however in the lives of the Sami people has changed as they, the Sami have been forced to adapt to a modern way of life. The Sami people who were originally nomads, are people without a nation and are the indigenous people occupying areas which are now included in the nations of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola peninsula of Russia.

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The Reindeer is in fact the only domesticated deer in the world and was the last animal to be domesticated, though it may be more accurate to consider reindeer as semi domesticated for many reindeer remain entirely wild, such as the large herds of caribou which continue to freely roam parts of Alaska.

Although there is archaeological evidence from cave sites such as Combe Grenal and Vergisson, France that reindeer were hunted at least 45,000 years ago it is unlikely that this animal was in anyway domesticated until about 3,000 years ago, although some estimates indicate domestication took place in Eurasia 7,000 years ago.

In short this website supports the abolition of the exploitation of all animals in all circumstances.

Please see: Most people think of reindeer as a completely wild animal so It may come as a surprise to know that many reindeer are domesticated.

It is thought that the Sami people may have domesticated reindeer independently from the other indigenous cultures 2*) Other historical reference to the domestication of reindeer include who hunted reindeer and wore fur as clothing and travelled on the snow with skis.

Norwegian chief Ottar visited King Alfred and the English court in the 9th century and gave account to the King about the Sami, who domesticated reindeer, managing them in herds.Originally reindeer were herded and the annual migration was closely followed by nomadic herders who tended the herd.Furthermore with some small differences domesticated reindeer, unlike other domesticated animals such as sheep, pigs and cattle, retain their intrinsic similarity to their wild counterparts.The following section of articles concerning reindeer is for interest only.I do not condone the domestication of reindeer under any circumstances, particularly the slaughter of reindeer for meat.At the present time there is so little tangible data, with the result that the domestication of reindeer is a complex issue.

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