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A value of 1 says sync events for this calendar and store its events on the device.Here is an example that shows how to get the calendars that are owned by a particular user. ))"; String[] selection Args = new String[] ; // Submit the query and get a Cursor object back.Attendees, reminders, and extended properties are stored in separate tables.

Each row in this table has the information for a single event—for example, event title, location, start time, end time, and so on.

The event can occur one-time or can recur multiple times.

A value of 0 indicates that events associated with this calendar should not be shown.

A value of 1 indicates that events associated with this calendar should be shown.

Normally, to read or write calendar data, an application's manifest must include the proper permissions, described in User Permissions.

To make performing common operations easier, the Calendar Provider offers a set of intents, as described in Calendar Intents.

This document focuses primarily on using the Calendar Provider API as an application.

For a discussion of how sync adapters are different, see Sync Adapters.

Thus your application doesn't need to request permissions, nor does it need to provide a user interface to view or create events.

Content providers store data and make it accessible to applications.

The Calendar Provider is a repository for a user's calendar events.

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