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Despite those demands, Ashley Madison has once again let its users down.Kromtech explains the site secures private photos using a “key” which other users can obtain by first sharing their keys — even if the first user declines to share his or her own private key.Dating sites, he says, don’t have the regulatory requirements and standards that banking and healthcare companies have, and even with several extra layers of security and bureaucracy, those sites still get hacked, exposing personal and financial data. That’s not to say that any one dating site is more vulnerable than the next, or that Goel has information that hackers have been snooping around a particular site.

Some of the questions include: Have you ever dated or been with an exotic dancer? “Most people on here won’t be as graphic as on Tinder or Ok Cupid,” says Goel.

“But that age demographic has a lot of financial wealth attached to it and the data they put on Our Time is going to be mined for years by scammers.

Number of users: 50 million Launched: 2012 Embarrassment Potential: Tinder no longer holds the same stigma it did when it was first launched, but depending on what messages someone is exchanging with other users, a hack could be damaging.

While Tinder may be fine for celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry (both have admitted using the service), married public figures, especially politicians, could be shamed for private messages and arrangements.

Estimated number of users: More than 1 million Launched: 2001 Embarrassment Potential: This site allows people with herpes, HIV, AIDS, chlamydia and other STDs to find other people with the same disease.

Many users can join anonymously and without entering any payment information, but some premium features require a credit card.

One would think the 2015 incident had dished up enough bad karma to discourage users from returning, but that has not been the case.

They simply came back with higher demands for cybersecurity on the site.

The Ashley Madison hack comes just two months after the breach of Adult Friend Finder, and it’s only a matter of time before another dating site is cracked, according to cyber security experts.

“From a cyber-security standpoint, all the dating sites are pretty sloppy,” says Rajesh Goel, a former Intel executive and tech analyst who has researched and written about the permeabilty of dating sites like Ashley Madison.

The hosts start the show paying tribute to a talented VA and beloved voice of Eorzea, Sian Blake as Yugiri.

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