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She looked to her right and saw the main road nearly a hundred yards away.

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Feedback/comments/requests to ([email protected]) her lamborghini, when she saw the red and blue lights flashing in her rearview mirror.

She had had an argument with her husband, and decided to go on a long drive.

“Turn around, face the car, put your hands on the door.” Jennifer felt the tears welling in her eyes as she placed her palms on the shiny metal body of her car.

“Spread your legs.” Jennifer yelped when she felt the cop’s hands on her hips as he began patting her down.

He pushed her back until she was pressed against the car.

Jennifer could see his face clearly for the first time.

One of the cop’s hands left her chest and moved up between her spread legs, she could feel his fingers rubbing her sex through the thin denim of her jeans.

“So now Jennifer, I ain’t no copper, but that don’t matter now..

If this sort of stuff bothers you, don’t read ahead.

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