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Michael Fox tions and comments of general interest a donation every year to the Humane in care of United Feature Syndicate, will be discussed in future columns.j' TTT'"' " t S mmjk-m Jijt M n Hi M ff PW ir mi jilmn Lit Mi W HHH ill I Ail Aim l ift - 4 f ,: m OMIHfi A By Dr. FOX: My daughter's cat kept wetting in the living room and on beds until he was finally diagnosed as having cystitis. K.: The vet is absolutely right in banning dry food from the cat's diet.

The vet gave him an antibiotic and prescribed canned food only no dry food. Moist, canned cat food, especially prescription food that's low in magnesium, can help reduce a cat's chances of developing urinary blockage due to the accumulation of stones or calculi.

The cat used to get both, and I feel he should still get some dried food, too. Meanwhile, until the cat recovers, we have confined him to the cellar. Once the cat has recovered, he can have a little dry food to help keep his teeth clean and free of tartar.

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Tres amigos que trabajan en el Puerto de Acapulco como enseñantes de natación, buceo y demás menesteres playeros, se ven envueltos en un lío con narcos cuando al ir por la novia de uno de ellos al aeropuerto, una de las maletas es confundida y se la llevan repleta de dinero perteneciente a un grupo de mafiosos.

Así, estos iniciarán una persecución en contra de los lancheros para recuperar su dinero.

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