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[2] Hand colored lithograph Match Between Eton and Westminster, Rowed at Putney, Augt. [5] Hand colored lithograph A Modern College Scull. exhibition of rowing art and artifacts was curated by UC Santa Barbara University Art Museum director David Farmer in conjunction with the 1984 Summer Olympics (see catalogue in shelf 3 of cabinet 15).

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The Varsity Challenge Cup, a tall, heavily decorated sterling silver trophy in the shape of an enormous pitcher or ewer, presented in 1898 by by Dr. Seaman of Cornell, to be held for one year by each winner of the Varsity Eight-Oared Shells event of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association.

The Stewards' Cup was presented in 1900 by Francis S. It was to be held for one year by each winner of the Freshman Eight-Oared Shells event of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Until the 18th century, throughout mans history, rowing was almost never used for sport and recreation it was the hard work of triremes and galleys, fishing dorys, whaleboats, pilot gigs, lifeboats, and, most of all, the wherries and cutters manned by watermen, lightermen or ferrymen wherever bodies of water provided a means of, or barrier to, passage.

Watermen were among the first of the trades to be regulated by statute.

Between the apprenticeships required by the guild, the fares dictated by Parliament, the competition for customers and the toil of the oar, watermen had little opportunity to rise above grinding poverty.

centuries, and the middle and upper classes found extra time on their hands, proponents of the benefits of exercise hailed rowing as one of the most healthy pastimes, and an activity that had theretofor been practiced almost exclusively by the working class began to be seen as a source of recreation and amusement.

For some, it was the first step in an athletic career that encompassed many forms of exercise.

MSM 2005.110.55 (TEW)[9] Chromolithographic poster. Designed by Bristow Adams, a member of the university faculty, and published in 1909, Cornell captures the pride of the campus in their famous crews, coached by then-retired professional Charles Courtney, which laid claim to supremacy on the waters as well as the occasional world record. Rowing at Oxford and Cambridge is concentrated in the college boat clubs, which hold two multi-day bump race series each year, the Lents and Mays at Cambridge, and the Torpids and Summer Eights at Oxford. / At Springfield,/ Friday, August 27, 1858./ 0.00 in Prizes!!

The Summer Eights at Oxford was used as the original for a popular postcard c.1910 (see shelf 3 of cabinet 1). MSM 2005.110.119 (TEW); [right] ./ Boat Races/ Wednesday, July 22nd, and Friday, July 24th,/ at/ Lake Quisigamond./ Special Trains to Lake Signal.

7-10/08/1821 Kings Theatre, Richmond In consequence of the Death of Her Majesty, the Rowing Match which was to have taken place on Monday next, In Honor of the Kings Birthday, Will be postponed to a future Day, of which due Notice will be given.

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